What? Little old me?

A brief history…

I didn't discover acting until the 10th grade, when I decided I wanted to be around this girl I had liked for years. I first joined chorus, and found I was a pretty good baritone/bass. I was the only one in the chorus who could reach double-bass range.

After joining chorus, I decided to join Show Choir and found I wasn't half bad at dancing, as long as someone choreographed me though.

After that, I decided to try out for my first musical. I was the kid who hid in the back corner of the room and wanted to be alone. The kid people were quietly afraid of, and yet here I was trying out for a musical.

I landed three tiny roles in the musical "Mame", but it was the best time I had ever had. The next year I tried out for, and landed the lead comedic role in "No No Nanette", and learned how intoxicating it was to control the audience's emotions and feelings. I felt their laughter and enjoyment roll over the stage and flow through me… and I liked it.

I doubled up on Performing Arts classes my Senior year, much to my parents disappointment and continued to work on acting. I also discovered how easy it was to grow, as Plucky Duck from Tiny Toons once said, "An ego the size of Cleveland".

My parents however, were adamant that I would follow my artistic skills and go to college for Graphic Design, as we were repeatedly told, "that was where the money was".

Yet even then, I still found ways to practice acting. I continue to this day taking coaching sessions, improv classes and practice scripts while auditioning for a wide range of projects and challenges.

Voice acting is a joy for me and provides challenges that stage acting couldn't give (such as acting without a scene partner. No one seeing your expressions and body posture, only your voice to convey emotions and the story, etc.).

I love voiceover and would never turn away from the microphone.